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Premium wildlife and nature stock photos

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Premium wildlife and nature stock photos

for professional use


All Minden Pictures images are licensed and priced for limited use under Rights Managed terms. License fees are determined by factors defining the manner and magnitude of use. These factors include:

Usage:print advertising, editorial magazine, retail calendar, museum display, etc.
Print Run:5,000 brochures, magazine with 250,000 circulation, etc
Distribution:United States, France, Scandinavia, world-wide, etc.
Image Size:up to 1/4 page, full screen, up to 11 x 14 inch graphic, etc.
Placement:inside page, cover, web home page, etc.
Length of license:single episode, up to 3 years, life of the edition, etc.

Customers may calculate prices for specific needs using the price calculator on image preview pages. All licenses permit one-time image use in a single language or territory only unless expressly granted otherwise.

Standard fees for sample applications:

Usage:Editorial > Book/magazine - print & digital rights
Size:Up to 1/4 page
Print run:Up to 5,000
Territory:United States
Usage:Corporate > Social media
Placement:Single post - 1 channel
Usage:Display > Signage - zoo / museum / aquarium
Size:Up to 5 x 7 inches
Print run:1 Graphic
Length of license:Permanent display
Territory:United Kingdom
Usage:Advertising > web site
Size:Up to 1/4 page
Placement:Secondary page
Length of license:Up to 6 months
Territory:United States
Usage:Consumer goods > Calendar - 12-16 month retail calendar
Size:Up to 1/4 page
Print run:Up to 10,000
Territory:United States

Please contact us with any questions about licensing image exclusivity, custom pricing, volume discounts or establishing a credit account.

License terms may be found here.