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Premium wildlife and nature stock photos

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Premium wildlife and nature stock photos

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New Images

Angry Monkey by Jami Tarris
4 Aug 2023 12:00 am
6 files
While documenting Japanese Macaques in the Honshu region of Japan photographer Jami Tarris captured an unusual moment between a mother and baby monkey:~~"The mother was resting on the side of the hot spring and in fact was dozing. The youngster had been playing with some of the other infants. After a while, he swam over to her. She was facing me on the wall while holding on with her feet and hands when he touched her and tried to nuzzle in to nurse. He wanted to get in an empty space between her front side and the wall - I have observed many macaque mothers nursing their young in this position.~~The mother became instantly aggressive with him as if he didn’t belong to her….which he did. She was violent by pushing him beneath the water and holding him under. He would come up and gasp for air before she would push his head down again. You can see the look on the little guy's face as he emerged from the water squealing loudly. After a few minutes of this she stopped and he kept a distance from her (half a meter at the most) until he finally approached her once more as I held my breath. She then allowed him to nurse."
Butterflies Before and After by BIA
2 Aug 2023 12:00 am
18 files
From a crawling caterpillar, then a protective chrysalis to a fluttering butterfly this selection of images illustrates the amazing metamorphosis that these insects go through in their life cycle. Photographer Peter Schwarz focuses his camera on the smaller denizens of Europe with an eye to their life cycles.
Leatherbacks by Tui de Roy
14 Feb 2023 12:00 am
30 files
On a remote Caribbean beach the turtles arrive. Between February and July female threatened Leatherback Seaturtles haul themselves ashore to lay their fertilized eggs in nests they dig mostly at night in the soft sandy beach. Each turtle will lay close to 100 round, soft-shell eggs in a deep nest excavated with her remarkably long hind flippers before heading back to the ocean. These eggs are prime targets for predators. Crabs, vultures and shorebirds all prey upon the nutritious bounty of unhatched eggs and hatchlings. Although many thousands of eggs are laid during each cycle, only a portion of the eggs will hatch and even fewer hatchlings, helped and protected by the local villagers, will make it to the ocean to continue the legacy of the sea turtles.
Muskoxen by Donald M. Jones
16 Aug 2023 12:00 am
43 files
Donald M. Jones brings us a selection of Musk Ox images from a herd descended from a rescue mission. Muskoxen once roamed across northern Europe, Asia, Greenland and North America, including Alaska. However, by the mid-1800s, overhunting and possibly unfavorable climatic conditions eradicated the herds from Europe and Asia. By the 1920s, they were also gone from Alaska, with only a few remaining in east Greenland and Arctic Canada.~~In May of 1930 the U.S. Congress gave the U.S. Biological Survey $40,000 “to acquire a herd of muskoxen for introduction into Alaska with a view to their domestication and utilization in the Territory.” There began an 8,000-mile adventure, the moving of 34 muskoxen from Greenland to the Alaska island of Nunivak. The journey — by steamship, train and barge — lasted six months, including one month the muskoxen spent in New Jersey during quarantine. ~~Muskoxen from the Nunivak herd were later moved to other parts of Alaska including 71 established on the Seward Peninsula in two separate waves. The animals thrived. According to Alaska Fish and Game the current population of oxen in this region has reached around 3,400 individuals. This increase has led to regulatory changes permitting subsistence hunting of muskoxen possible to all Alaskan residents who register for a permit. And what about the plan to domesticate muskoxen? A small herd of docile animals are located near Anchorage where they are raised specifically for qivit - their underwool which is used to make soft and warm clothing.
New Images from Buiten-beeld
27 Sep 2023 12:00 am
20 files
Abstract aerial winter landscapes, bathing robins and mating seahorses are included in the most recent delivery of images from our Dutch supplier, Buiten-beeld. This gallery features misty scenics and wildlife behavior that will make you look twice.
Panoramas by Tim Fitzharris
18 Jul 2023 12:00 am
35 files
Immerse yourself in the stunning panoramic photography of Tim Fitzharris. This collection of peaceful images features towering mountain ranges from California's Sierra Nevada, sunset-kissed beaches in Big Sur and waterfalls from Arizona's Grand Canyon. With an eye for natural light and composition Tim transports us to pristine locations around the country.
Peru by Paul Bertner
27 Sep 2023 12:00 am
22 files
Curious Red Howler Monkeys peer down from the canopy and a spider wins a battle with a lizard in this gallery of tropical images from Paul Bertner. He takes us to the Peruvian rainforest to find delicate mushrooms, coiled blue snakes and emerging katydids. Although this pink fuzzy Flannel Moth caterpillar may look harmless amid its hairs are spines coated with stinging poison that causes sudden inflammation, pain and breathing difficulty after contact with skin. The poison protects the caterpillar against predatory birds.
Rhinos by Suzi Eszterhas
6 Feb 2023 12:00 am
29 files
In this collection of new images we follow the daily doings of rhinos with Suzi Eszterhas. Babies grazing with their mothers, animals wallowing and battles between adult males that weigh as much as pickup trucks are included in this collection. Did you know that calves are born without horns? They start growing once the animal is five months old. The babies in this gallery range from just one-week to two-months old.
Spider Crabs by David and Liz
13 Sep 2023 12:00 am
14 files
Every winter around the full moon an extraordinary event takes place in southern Australia. Thousands of spider crabs march into shallow water gathering together in large groups to moult their shells – one of Nature’s great spectacles! Huge Smooth Rays which can weigh up to 700 pounds gather to feast on the cavalcade of crabs.~~The crabs mass together in increase their chances of survival during the half hour it takes to moult and shed their old shells. During the full moon cycle the ocean currents are stronger which helps the crabs shake free of their shells but once they are released they are still at high risk as their soft shells make them the choice prey of the rays.~~When the masses head to the piers for safety the rays follow. The crabs eat as they march - seastars, seaweed and sponges on the pylons nourish the crustaceans. When the moulted crabs emerge the back of shell cracks, body fluids ooze out which the rays detect and swiftly move in to crush their prey with plate-like teeth. The rays have sensitive rostrums which the use to smell out the recently-moulted and easily consumed crabs. With up to twenty rays feeding at the same time the crabs' only hope is to molt quickly and hide on the pylons until their shells harden enough to no longer be of interest to the rays. Once their shells harden these survivors will head to deeper water until the next annual migration.
Swiss Insects by Thomas Marent
19 Jul 2023 12:00 am
30 files
Bumblebees, Moths and Treehoppers are included in this new selection of images by Thomas Marent. He captures these Swiss insects emerging from chrysalises, carrying pollen and feeding on leaves. Check out the impressive antennae on the Hawk Moth and the pattern on a Downland Horsefly's compound eyes.
Whale Photo Shoot
12 Sep 2023 11:20 am
11 files
When editing a new selection of images by the Parer-Cooks taken in Tonga we were struck by how a diving photographer and whale look like they are doing a fashion shoot. "Look this way", "over here", " beautiful" we imagine the diver say to this huge cetacean.
Yellowstone in Winter
28 Sep 2023 12:00 am
20 files
Steve Gettle brings us a snowy selection of wildlife and landscapes from Yellowstone National Park. A Gray Wolf pack hunts Bison, a Short-tailed Weasel's winter white coat blends perfectly with the snow while a Coyote warily watches the photographer in this gallery of new images.
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