I cannot remember my password, what do I do?

On the login page, click the link titled "Forgot your password?" to enter the e-mail address associated with the account. The system will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to reset your password within a few minutes.

How do I order and download files?

Take a few minutes to register on the website. Be sure to reply to the account activation e-mail that should arrive within a few minutes.

Click the "+Cart" button beneath each selected image thumbnail, adding up to 100 images to the shopping cart.

Click the “Cart” button at the top right of the page. You may calculate license fees by entering use details for each image, or click the checkbox to submit the order without calculating fees.

Enter the requested project details. Click "Create order" at the bottom of the page.

If you have calculated image prices, pay for the order via PayPal and download image files from the order page.

If you have submitted the order without calculating prices, Minden Pictures' staff will contact you via e-mail - weekdays 8:30AM to 5:00PM PT - to finalize licensing terms, fees, payment and image download.

All are welcome to call 831-661-5551 or e-mail info@mindenpictures.com with questions or for assistance.

How much are your photos?

All Minden Pictures images are priced and licensed as Rights Managed (RM) image. License fees are determined by factors defining the manner and magnitude of use. Factors include the type of use, image size, print run, distribution and duration.

Fees for a specific use may be calculated by clicking either the "Get a quote" or "Calculate price" button on an image preview page. You may also give us a call or send an e-mail with details to chris@mindenpictures.com if you care to discuss fees or rights for your particular needs.

How can I pay for a photo license?

Online orders are processed through PayPal and can be made with a credit card, by linking to your bank account or via an existing PayPal balance.

Established customers can pay via check, ACH bank transfer, wire payment or PayPal. Credit card payments can be processed by phone.

To establish a credit account, please contact us at info@mindenpictures.com.

Are your photos royalty free?

All Minden Pictures images are available for Rights Managed (RM) licensing. Unlike Royalty Free licenses allowing unlimited use, Rights Managed licenses specify limited use rights for a specified period of time, print run, media and territory.

If I buy a photo do I own it?

No. You are purchasing limited rights to use the image according to the terms set forth in the licensing agreement. Most Rights Managed licenses provide for one-time use rights unless specified otherwise.

My project requires a LOT of photos, do you offer volume deals?

Absolutely, discounts apply with as few as ten images licensed for a single project. In many instances we are able to develop discount pricing that allows you to use Minden Pictures' content as the primary provider satisfying your image needs.

Do you offer subscriptions?

Not at this time but we encourage you to give us a call to discuss your photo needs. We offer arrangements with high-volume clients allowing immediate access to high res files as required followed by monthly billing.

I need a photographer's contact information, will you give it to me?

We do not distribute our photographers' personal contact information but we are happy to relay messages on behalf of our clients.

Can I buy exclusive rights for a photo?

Exclusivity may be licensed for most images in our collection. You may license spot or use exclusivity (ie - a note card), industry exclusivity (ie - automobile industry), geographic exclusivity (ie North America) or total exclusivity (buy-out of all rights). If you require exclusivity, contact us at info@mindenpictures.com to discuss your specific needs.

Do you offer free photo research?

Yes. Our researchers are happy to help you search our collection for appropriate images. E-mail your spec list and any questions to stacy@mindenpictures.com.

I am on deadline and need a photo NOW. Can I get a scan for production immediately?

Yes, by ordering online and using PayPal, image files can be downloaded from the site immediately. Simply register and activate your account, add the images you want to an order, calculate prices and click the "Pay Now" button. Upon completing payment via PayPal, download links to your images will be available immediately on the order page.

I am an artist and want to use one of your photographs as reference, is there a fee?

For one time use as artist reference with no reproduction rights (ie no prints, greeting cards or mugs incorporating the finished art) our standard artist reference fee is $150. For use as artist reference for products that will be offered for sale, please contact us at info@mindenpictures.com.

Where can I get prints to hang on my wall?

Nature, wildlife and landscape images by Minden Pictures' photographers can be purchased at our online shop AnimalsandEarth.com, hosted by FineArtAmerica, a premier online seller of fine art prints, home decor, apparel and more. Prints are available framed or unframed in a variety of sizes and styles offering something to fit every budget and decor. AnimalsandEarth prints are available for worldwide delivery from 15 fulfillment centers and are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Do you donate images for school project, academic or other non profit uses?

No, but we have developed an embedded image viewer for just such uses. We offer a curated collection of wildlife, nature and conservation image for free use on non-commercial websites and blogs. Learn more here.

How do I submit my photographs for representation?

Minden Pictures is a small agency specializing in premium quality wildlife and nature imagery. At this time we are only considering new photographers offering exclusive representation of rare or unusual subjects or a unique photographic style unavailable from our existing archive. If you believe your material offers a strong complement to our online collection, send a brief e-mail to info@mindenpictures.com detailing your coverage and include a web link to preview the images.

Are all the wildlife photos in your collection of wild animals?

Most wildlife photos in our collection are taken in the field under wild conditions. However, images taken in zoos, aquaria, private reserves and game farms are also included in our library. Such images will have 'captive' in the keywords or caption. We are in the process of updating our keywords to insure that all captive animals are properly noted. If you have a question about a location please contact us and we will make every effort to learn where the the photo was taken.

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